In the Absence of a Culture of Philanthropy

CompassPoint, a non-profit management consultancy, recently released a report on non-profit development and fundraising. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on some key findings about professional fundraisers this week.

Under Developed: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising

What determines whether an organization has a culture that supports fundraising success? Experts point to a range of factors. For example, are fund development and philanthropy widely understood and valued in the organization? Are its fundraising efforts “donor-centric” and focused on building deep relationships over time, not just asking for money when it’s needed? — CompassPoint

Half of Fundraisers in the Top Job Would Like to Quit (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

The Chronicle article is a fairly depressing account in which non-profit executives and development directors assign each other blame for the dysfunctional status quo. In the absence of a “culture of philanthropy,” neither development officers nor non-profit executives can operate at full capacity.

Reflect and respond

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