Don’t miss this post from Harvard Business Review’s Roger Martin on why the world around you doesn’t have to be static for you to plan properly.

Strategy and the Uncertainty Excuse

Productive adaptation requires a strategic mindset and constant awareness about the fit between what you’re offering and what your environment calls for.

If the world is too uncertain to choose today, what is it about the future than will make things more certain?
… In truth every company has a strategy. Whether it ‘does strategy’ explicitly or not, the choices that it makes on a daily basis result in the company operating on some part of the playing field (i.e. making a where-to-play choice) and competing there in some fashion (i.e. making a how-to-win choice). It matters not a whit whether the industry is highly uncertain, every company competing in it has a strategy. — Roger Martin

The only question is whether our decisions are conscious and our strategy sound.


Reflect and respond

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