From the cobwebbed archives of the web:

Battle Beyond the Millenium: the Internet Versus the Teacher Culture: Are You Ready to Rumble?

Texas Tech’s Fred Kemp explains why teachers need to lean into technology to support student-centered learning, not pull back fearing a loss of teacher authority. Kemp offered this talk to the Computers and Writing community in 1999 and showcased TTU’s computer-mediated freshman composition web app, TOPIC.

We teachers do not have the option of resisting or rejecting the Internet. You can turn your back on the tide, but that doesn’t stop the tide…

Our job is not to wow students with us or our brilliant subject matter, or to clone them into becoming, God forbid, English majors. Our job is to get them to figure out how to manage their lives productively through critical thinking, and for that we have to reduce our domination of the classroom, maybe even to the point of moving learning outside the classroom.

As one of his colleagues said when this was reposted this week, “This is probably the only thing ever written about the computing world that is as current today as the day it was delivered.”


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