What If The Kids Don’t Want Our Church?

“What happens when a generation comes along that doesn’t care about the game you’ve spent so much time buying equipment for, has little invested in the durable nature of the stuff you value? … You could spend your time trying to convince them that they have a responsibility to value the things you value… Convince them the stuff they value is pointless and shallow. That should work.” —Derek Penwell*

Heh. You could tell them they’ll value what you value when they get older, are truly converted, and/or mature. You could explain that their perspective has been skewed… because, y’know… Culture. Secular Education. Relativism. You could tell them that Jesus’s best intention when he wandered around with his disciples was to set up a 501(c)(3) 5-tiered corporation with leadership (s)election via closed-door committee. Yes, that was in the master plan; if only they’d had the system we have today.

Surely the kids will understand all of this when they grow up. Won’t they?

* Derek Penwell writes at The Company of the Eudaimon and tweets @reseudaimon.


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