May-June Updates

May was an active month on this side of the screen: two major projects meant much less posting here and more offline doing. As always, you can reach and keep up with me on Twitter where I share links and thoughts on leadership, spiritual and relational wisdom, culture, social justice, and politics.

This coming week, look out for a 3-article series here on sexuality and my denomination of origin, the Seventh-day Adventist church. If you enjoy discussions of history, Christianity, sexuality, and culture, check back through the week and share your stories with me.

For now — some of the content I’ve been sharing this week:


Sistas in STEM article | Ebony Magazine

Sistas in STEM: Ebony magazine’s 3-page interview/response article with four young Black American women scientists. Their responses highlight the importance of mentorship, strong social networks, and encouragement from teachers.


The Danger of Worldviews: Toranse at Somatic Strength weighs intention, impact, and what can happen when people with power universalize their perspectives. FYI: Toranse’s site carries a general trigger warning for its frank discussion of sexual, social, and religious abuse. (ht: Son of Baldwin)

“The best way to dehumanize someone while claiming you’re not is to believe you are just the same. You erase their experiences and perspective, their struggles and obstacles, their unique way of having to deal with those things in a world that also erases them…

You are not acknowledging someone’s personhood when you ignore the very things that make their lives different than yours.” —Toranse


When US Evangelicals Love Uganda Too

"This is what intolerance & hatred look like, because when you unleash it, it devours everyone." Okayafrica interviews “God Loves Uganda” director Roger Ross Williams on his documentary, his experiences with leading Uganda evangelists and citizens, and his thoughts on contemporary imperialism, religiously motivated anti-LGBT sentiment, and a government struggling with oil politics.


Why Tumblr is Perfect for the Trans Community: Buzzfeed’s Thomas Page McBee describes ways that young trans people have used social media to self-define, self-describe, and build peer networks. McBee focuses especially on Yahoo’s micro-blogging platform, Tumblr, which hosts sites like NY-based bklyn boihood and London’s The Test Shot, as well as individual users from all over the world.

As rumored, Yahoo! bought Tumblr this week for $1.1bn; users met this news with a little anxiety. Forbes and WSJ think the site will be fine; Australia’s The Age has a few thoughts about Tumblr’s inventor, David Karp.


On the IMF’s latest agreement with Jamaica: During my first year in the island the JA$-US$ exchange rate was 35:1. Today it is 99:1, the unemployment average is more than 14%, land taxes press the middle and working classes, and legislation related to international financing requirements will dominate the country’s parliamentary agenda. The IMF caught my eye when it described Jamaica’s recent economic progress as “pleasing“; also check out the Center for Economic Progress and Research on these developments.

More to come this week. See you in a few days.


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