We think we’re right. We almost always think we’re right, even when we’re wrong. When we suspect we’re wrong and think we have a chance to be right instead, we think differently, choose differently, live differently—all in pursuit of rightness. So what is it that rescues us from fundamentalism?

We are each doing what we believe is right in the world. The problem arises when we do what we believe is right within the untested delusions of our own private snow-globe worlds. Fundamentalism arises when that snow-globe of our understanding becomes the entire universe in which all other beings must conform to the contours and limits of that glass structure or otherwise be punished. Wrestling with Fundamentalism in ourselves and in this world is daunting but necessary work. Because if we settle for doing only what we believe is right–or project that belief onto some idea of God or Government–as our only rubric for action in the world then we will eventually destroy ourselves with our rightness. —Odd by God

So much yes. Read on: “The Club of the Holy Book Destroyers.”


Reflect and respond

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