Teen Self and Adult Self

@mslooola: Question: what would teen you think of adult you? #noshamemovThis morning @mslooola asked: “What would teen you think of adult you?”#noshamemov

So I found Teen Self and we had a chat.

Teen Self: You locked our hair!
Adult Self: Yeah, I like it. Might cut it in a decade or two; what you think?
Teen Self: O_O

Teen Self: You stopped playing basketball. Do you miss it?
Adult Self: I do, but weight training’s not bad; you should try it. Also, get a bike.

Teen Self: You’re a little bit “different,” y’know.
Adult Self: So are you! It’s how your people will find you.

Teen Self: Anything you think I should know?
Adult Self: You’ll learn things that are nice to know by watching people. You’ll learn what you need to know by experience. Everyone around you is doing their best; judge less. You’re not alone in the world even though it sometimes seems like you are. I love you.


Reflect and respond

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