Black and white photo of Keisha

Dr. Keisha McKenzie supports individuals, organizations, and institutions that are evolving by design.

Originally from London, England, she holds graduate degrees in technical communication and rhetoric from Texas Tech University and completed undergraduate work in English, law, and political science in Jamaica. She is now a permanent resident of the United States.

Across the internet and offline, you’ll find her discussing and working on issues in institutional leadership, education, science and technology, the arts, philanthropy, social justice, and the Three Taboos: politics, religion, and sexuality. She has written on these topics online and in print over the last decade.

Current Engagements:

  • Performance Excellence: examining the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for non-profits and healthcare organizations as a tool for understanding the links among a system’s goals, administration, operations, and results. Dr. McKenzie was a Maryland Performance Excellence Awards examiner, score-book editor, and back-up team leader for 2013.
  • Public STEAM Education: expanding an informal science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics learning program for students and staff in a cluster of public Maryland middle and high schools. The program is in its 7th year and received a Competitive rating from the National Science Foundation this summer for its full-scale development proposal. We look forward to implementing this school-and-community development program over the next three years.
  • Content-Context-Change: developing and deploying new content in select groups to inspire contextual change, and leveraging contextual changes to trigger increased imagination, productivity, creativity, and growth.