I publish scholarly work in my research areas, but also write and speak more informally on subjects such as spirituality and personal development.

Check out an interview I did (March 2012) with All Things Texas Tech on integrating public service and higher education.

Short Articles

  • January 2013: “Remembering Our Friends In December” Connection, 37(1). (Kinship)
    [Information and tributes re. World AIDS Day, celebrated December 1 since 1988.]
  • June 2012: “UK Kinship Members Speak Up About Same-Sex Marriage.” Connection, 36(5). (Kinship)
  • June 2012: “Generosity: Share Your Stories.” Connection, 36(5). (Kinship)
  • September 2011: “Assumptions Matter: A review of Broken Words: The Abuse of Science and Faith in American Politics by Jonathan Dudley.” (Spectrum Magazine | review link)
  • March 2011: “The Other Side of Exile,” Connection, 35(2). (Kinship)
  • December 2010: “Got Room?” Connection, 34(10). (Kinship)
  • October 2010: “Unlearning Helplessness,” in Caleb: Living with the Wait, CQ [Collegiate Bible Study Guide], 33(4). (General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)
  • June 2010: “Inspired Possibilities,” Connection, 34(5). (Kinship)
    [based on Genesis 1:2]
  • May 2010: “Spring Cleaning,” Connection, 34(4). (Kinship)
  • March/April 2010: “Planting the Stranger,” Connection, 34(3). (Kinship)
  • February 2010: “Transforming Love,” Connection, 34(2). (Kinship)
  • October 2009: “Healthy Apples, Healthy Barrel,” in The Book of Numbers, CQ [Collegiate Bible Study Guide], 32(4). (General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)
  • April 2009: “Fundamental Belief 28 | New Earth: Under Construction” Adventist World. (Adventist World is the international edition of the Review, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ church paper)

Presentations, Panels, and Sermons

  • February 2012: “Cast & PFLAG Panel Talk-back.” The Laramie Project, Lubbock Community Theatre & PFLAG-Lubbock, Lubbock Community Theatre. (with J. Minkley-Baker, R. Furlow, R. Dillon, J. Saldivar, and C. Britton)
  • February 2012: “Cultural Diversity.” Educational Counselor Training: PFLAG Class Panel, Department of Education, Texas Tech University. (with G. Rogers, K, Cade, S. Lange, J. Saldivar, and J. Starre)
  • February 2011: “Stories about Family and Religion.” Educational Counselor Training: PFLAG Class Panel, Department of Education, Texas Tech University. (with J. Minkley-Baker, E. Morton, A. Neil, J. Saldivar, and A. Akin)
  • October 2010: “Family Dynamics.”  Marriage and Family Therapy Programs: PFLAG Class Panel, “Family Dynamics,” PFLAG – Lubbock chapter, Human Sciences, Texas Tech University. (with R. Waite, P. Earle, and C. Shaver)
  • April 2010: “Opening the Space.” SDA Kinship Regional Meeting, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
  • July 2009: “On Authority and Purpose” [based on Matthew 28:18-20. Judges 13 and Matthew 3] Prepared for Martin Luther King Blvd. SDA Church, Lubbock, Texas.

One of the easiest addictions to fall into is being addicted to the approval of others, but it’s only when we’re prepared to separate from such attachments that we’re free to do our work. — KM


  • On this site, read some poems written in 17-syllable verses between 2008 and 2010.
  • From the dusty archives: “Liberty” (March 2006), a Christian exhortative poem written to be recited by a 4-6 voice ensemble.

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