Every child is cast from paradise — into growth and new community, into vast, ongoing change. — Octavia Butler

Some life change is about collective development: it’s not the work of one. Other life change requires that we work as individuals and in relationship with others in small, high-coherence circles.

OakBamboo is an opportunity to create a grounded and growing community space in your life, and explore applied insights with others over short periods (30 days, 60 days, and 90 days).

The Oak and the Bamboo

The oak and the bamboo represent variant archetypal ways of flourishing in the world.

The oak symbolizes the stability of principle, conserving the good, sustaining sound traditions, and building forms onto steady structure; the bamboo symbolizes the flexibility of adaptation, progressively incorporating the new, releasing unproductive patterns, and building facility with new insight and life tools. Neither kind of plant is superior to the other.

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